Absolute Physio presents 'Drum-Physio'- a specialist injury assessment and treatment clinic for drummers!! 

What is Drum Physio

Drum-Physio is the newest division of our Absolute Physio clinic here in London and is run by our lead clinician, Damon Newrick. It is a clinic drummers can come to, to be assessed and treated by someone who really gets it- a Physiotherapist and a Drummer.

 At Drum Physio we assess and treat drummers with injuries, or those who would like to avoid them, from all over the world. Whether it be in clinic, or by using platforms such as Skype we have options for everyone. Once your injury has been assessed we can draw up a treatment plan. We can then liaise with your existing health professionals or assist you ourselves in getting back on track. This can involve education about your injury or advice on injury prevention, and the right exercises to get you back or keep you behind the kit.  

Why Drum Physio?

'As well as being a Physiotherapist working in sport for nearly 20 years , I've also been a drummer since I was 12 years old. Both are my passions and big parts of my life.


As I've progressed through my career though I noticed that the lessons and knowledge being learned through research with athletes aren't always being carried across to drumming- often a  very  physical activity that requires mobility, dexterity, co-ordination and endurance. So I decided to try to bridge the gap.

My goal with Drum-Physio is to ensure we assess, educate and treat drummers in the same way we do athletes. Principles of physical conditioning, appropriate loading, strengthening and stretching and rehabilitation can all be applied to the way we practice and play as drummers.'

Damon Newrick

MSc Sports Physiotherapy, BPhty, MCSP, HCPC.

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