What we do

Absolute Physio is an evidence led Physiotherapy Practice specialising in Sports and Musculoskeletal injuries. That means we utilise both the latest and long term best available research to provide you with the treatment that works.

The Practice is built around our own belief of 'Know your body, Treat your body and Build your body'- and when we say body, we mean inside and out! To put it simply we assess and treat your injuries, and build you stronger and better to decrease the chances of recurring injuries. And the building is not only physical. While sessions can involve exercise and hands on treatment, they can also be about building knowledge about your body through education and advice. We also look at any necessary modifications to your lifestyle whether it be your footwear, workstation position or landing position when running.

We also provide athlete assessments for those who may not be injured, so they can assess where they're at in terms of Musculo skeletal  health.  

Absolute Physio Ltd

Oakforest House

1-5 Summerland Gardens

Muswell Hill

N10 3QN

0208 419 8880


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